Monday, March 22, 2010

Boot is off....gloves are on!

I am so so glad I can now wear a whole pair of shoes now, rather than a walking cast and a shoe. I feel liberated, although I am still careful about making sure my left calf muscle is adequately stretched before walking for any distance.

And I am so so happy that I can finally get back to cooking properly in my kitchen, although I have enjoyed the soups and panini I have made...I am now extremely tired of quick cuisine.

I have my first cooking class since my injury coming up this weekend, and I am completely looking forward to it. We're going to make some classics, and my kitchen is going to smell like heaven!

With the spring weather, I have been giving thought to bringing my herb garden to life once again. It is such a joy to go out to the patio and snip whatever herbs I need for cooking. After my class on Saturday, I plan on getting herbs and dirt, and shall transform my patio into something lovely with green sprouts. Can't wait!

Thankfully, although I haven't been able to properly cook, I had an arsenal of delicious, well-loved recipes to share on Examiner. Stop by if you haven't already!

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