Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bertolli Giveaway Winner!

I  am a very scientific person by nature.  NOT!  Instead of using a random number generator on the computer (yawn, boring!), I decided to enlist the help of my cat, Scooter, to choose the winner.  Scooter digs rubber bands,  so I found a marker, and 6 thick rubber bands, and assigned each rubber band a number from  1-6.  I  mixed them up, and began flinging them at Scooter.  The one she attacked with the most vigor was the winner!  Once I got the rubber band away from Scooter, I was able to determine the winner.

The winner is #4, Patrick Clark!  Congratulations Patrick.  Bertolli will be mailing your prize package directly to you.

Many thanks to all for participating!


  1. I like your scientific approach. Works for me!

  2. Why bother having a contest then?

  3. Carla, I adored your poem, but it was always my intention to draw the winner at random. I arbitrarily picked the comment theme just so people would have something to jot down, along with their e-mail address. I apologize if I did not make my method clear.