Monday, July 19, 2010

Let's play catch-up!

No lame excuses. Let's just say that life got in the way of me typing 'round here.

The one thing that made me the most tickled was receiving my first check from, where I have written about Italian food for months and months. With that money, I bought things that I have wanted forever!

I am truly allergic to buying single-use kitchen items, since I already am in dire need of space, but I decided to splurge with my spoils, so here's what I got:

Pasta drying rack. I love it. Now, instead of draping my pasta onto floured counters, and then getting covered in flour myself, I can now neatly hang my pasta, and save on precious counter space.

Analog scale. I love this. It has a copious bowl, and it shall be filled with pasta flour.... oh yes it will.

Pizzelle press. Awwww yeah. I plan on making my first batch this very weekend. My house will smell like waffle cones. Who wants to come over?

Three tier cooling rack. This also will help with precious counter space. I can put my pizzelle on here to cool off, and this will come in handy for Christmas cookie baking time.

A really nice apron. I have needed one forever, as my oil spattered clothing can testify to. I look like such a pro now!

I still need/want eleventy million other things, but this will hold me for the moment. So happy!

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