Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am so pleased with the response I have gotten to opening January for classes! As of right now, only January 30 is open for four happy and hungry people, so first come first served.

Although this time of year you will be hard pressed to find really wonderful produce, thankfully there are some great brands for canned products. I absolutely adore Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes or Red Gold when it is not tomato season. They always give me excellent results, and it is so easy to keep your pantry stocked with them when you want to make a quick sauce.

Another canned item that is a staple in my pantry are artichoke hearts. They are so delicious ane make every dish special. I am considering making a fabulous recipe for an upcoming class, which involves braised chicken, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and red potatoes. The dish is made extra special by the addition of white wine, garlic and chicken stock as the braising liquid.

This is the very best kitchen perfume folks!

The charge per person per class is $35. Come hungry...I'm serious. There will be a lot of food and fun. If you want to host a class of you and three people, you would get in free, and your group would have the class all to themselves. So if you bring three, you get in free! Rhyming at its best!

February dates will be opening soon, so be on the lookout for upcoming dates!

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